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Availability of Products. (Online).

Q. How do I know if the product I’m looking for online is available on the website?

Ans: If the product is available you will be able to add it to cart. If the product is "out of stock", you will be able to see it on the product page itself. You may send us an email to inquire about the availability of the product. 

Q. Are all products available in the showrooms also available on the website?

Ans: Products may not vary accordingly between our online shop or physical store. You may click the magnifying glass at the top left-hand corner to see if the product is available on our website. 

Q. How many products can I order at one time?

Ans: There is no limit to how many products you can order at any one time. 

Promotions / Gift Cards and Coupons.

Q. How to redeem your codes?

1. Checkout an Item. 

2. Go to Cart. 

3. Look on the bottom right-hand corner - "Enter your coupon here:" or Enter Gift Card code here: . 

Q. What if my promotional code expire?

Ans: Strictly no refunds or exchanges will be given unless stated otherwise. 

Q. Can my Gift Card be redeemed for Cash / Credits?

Ans: Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or credits. 


Shipping and Handling Fees are excluded from all Promotional Discounts, Gift Cards, and Coupons.