TENCEL™ Lyocell is one of the best environmental choices when it comes to bed sheets. As an alternative to cotton, our lyocell sheets are made from 100%  pure Lenzing lyocell fibres, spun into fine yarns that is then weaved to produce high-quality fabric.

Let’s get to the good stuff - what makes TENCEL™ lyocell so awesome? Does it smell like eucalyptus? Unfortunately, your Weavve TENCEL™ bedding does not carry the scent of eucalyptus trees (you can always spritz some Sleep Spray to help you relax and drift off to sleep!) but it will offer many other valuable benefits:


1. Silky Soft + Strong

Thanks to the natural structure of the lyocell fibre, TENCEL™  is most well known for how it feels - exceptionally silky and smooth on the skin. Long fibres are also used when weaving the sheets resulting in a smoother surface that is not only comfortable but beneficial to those with sensitive or easily-irritated skin. TENCEL™ is also strong and durable which makes it easy to maintain.


2. Improved Breathability & Moisture-Wicking Properties

TENCEL™ lyocell stands out as an extremely breathable and absorbent fabric. It’s ideal for warm sleepers as lyocell fabric can wick excess moisture away quickly, keeping the body cool during sleep in a wide variety of climates. Perfect moisture management also reduces bacteria proliferation without the need for any chemical additives. As a naturally derived fibre, TENCEL™ lyocell is also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


3. Less Wrinkling & Fading 

An additional favourite feature of TENCEL™ lyocell is that it is less prone to wrinkling and less vulnerable to fading with regular washing. It is also less likely to shrink and not prone to becoming thin overtime. As TENCEL™ lyocell is a strong fibre with a higher dry and wet tensile strength (compared to silk and modal), it is capable of keeping 85% of its dry tenacity under wet conditions, allowing the fibres to retain their shape. This makes Lyocell sheets quick to dry and fairly easy to iron and care for.