Choosing The Right Coffee Table To Match Your Sofa

Balancing scale and proportion is important in the integration of harmony in your interior design. Function trumps form in almost every case. After the seating, coffee tables and side tables are the next essential furniture pieces you will need in your living room.

While the purpose of a coffee table may seem obvious to many in Singapore, there are a variety of uses for it. In the past, coffee tables were used in formal occasions to host afternoon teas during social or business conversations, adorned with the finest china, linen and pewterware in the setting. Today, the coffee table is mostly used in more informal settings such as tabling your nachos and chips or even propping your feet up during Netflix marathons. On its own, a coffee table also doubles up as a decorative accent for the living space.

To help you decide which coffee table goes well with your sofa, we briefly summarise the salient points below for you.

The Right Size:

The sofa is the star of the show, so the coffee table you place in front of it should complement it, and not steal the scene. As a rule of thumb, the coffee table should be about a half to two thirds the width of your sofa. Your path to the sofa should be wide enough, preferably with a gap distance of 45 cm and someone sitting on the sofa should be able to reach to pick things off the table easily.

The Right Height:

In principle, a coffee table should measure 40 to 45 cm from floor to tabletop. At this height, an average-size adult seated in front of the table can easily reach for an object on it without bending his back or straining his arm. However, this standard guideline is set on the assumption that you are matching with an average-sized sofa with a seat height of 43 to 48 cm.

Ideally, your coffee table should be about the same height as your sofa. If that is not possible, choose one that is no more than 5 cm lower than your sofa’s seat height. Lower tables lead to a strong lounge character, while higher models may look a bit old-schooled.

The Right Shape:

I. L-shape Sofa

The main feature of the L-shaped sofa is the extended terminal seat – the chaise. This sofa style is best complemented with a rectangular or oval coffee table – something that blends into the elongated space.  That will make sure everyone on the sofa can reach the table without throwing off the balance of the room. Keep in mind that the coffee table width should not be more than two-thirds of the entire sofa width.

II. Corner Sofa

A corner sofa is made up of sectionals of equal size on each side that come together to form a right angle. It is designed to fit into a corner. The safest bet with this type of sectional is a square or round coffee table. These shapes bring out the space efficiency of the sectional without throwing off the balance as a rectangular table would. It is also ideal to select a contrasting shape. For example, a round coffee table helps to soften the look of a corner sofa with a square arm and back.

III. Standard Sofa

For homes with standard sofas, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to picking a coffee table. You can almost safely go with just about any shape, So, really, it just comes down to personal preference. Just make sure the coffee table is less than two thirds the width of your sofa, leaving enough walk space to manoeuvre around.

The Right Style:

In general, the coffee table style you choose is tied heavily to your home décor theme. To choose the right style, you need to consider the materials and finishes that will match the design elements of your sofa and other furniture in your living room.

If you are on a minimalist theme, a sleek glass coffee table will do the trick. Coffee tables made of glass look light and elegant and create an illusion of space but do not overpower the room. 

Glass Coffee Table

If your design scheme is contemporary or scandinavian, a coffee table with a natural wood finish can provide the clean, yet sophisticated look that you are trying to achieve.

Wooden Coffee Table

If you fancy an ultra-chic centerpiece that will awe everyone who enters your lounge, then a marble coffee table is the top choice. Marble is a precious stone that has been part of the royal taste throughout history. The elegance of marble top coffee tables cannot be contested. They indicate the serious style and polished taste of the homeowner. Pair a marble top coffee table with a leather sofa – they just ooze class simply, effectively, and effortlessly.

Marble Coffee Table

With our guide to choosing the right coffee table, you are now well-equipped with the knowledge to select a good piece for your space. Shop from Black & Walnut’s exquisite collection of designer coffee tables to spruce up your home today.


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