A Writer's Guide to Buying a Writing Desk For Your Home Office

Any surface - be it a dining table or bed - can function as a writing desk. As we all get used to work-from-home setups, many of us who do not have the luxury of space for a home office have converted our dining tables into home workstations. But, did you know that having separate spaces to work from and live in is extremely crucial for productivity especially within your own home? That means, even if you do not have a separate room for a home office, having a writing desk can make you more focused and efficient.

Writing desks can also add a touch of sophistication to any home or even office space. As any writer will tell you, sometimes having the right desk can even inspire creativity. However, a writing desk isn’t just for penning a novel or writing a letter. Contrary to popular belief, writing desks are very versatile and can also be used to work on projects or crafts.


To choose the right writing desk, you have to decide the main purpose of it. Will you be using it specifically for filling out forms and other types of correspondence? If so, a writing desk with a letter organiser would be ideal for you. However, if you intend to use a writing desk for your laptop and to work on projects at home, then it is best to select one with a large and flat work surface. 

Writing Desk Beside A Window

The next thing to consider is: where will you put the writing desk? By determining the space you have to work with can help you in the selection of size and type of desk to get. If the available space is small, the whole idea will be to save floor space, hence a linear-shaped writing desk would be ideal. The table can be flush against the wall or simply placed in a dead space in a corner. With larger rooms or spaces, there are more liberties for you to opt for a luxuriously large U-shaped or L-shaped writing desk. 


Besides the shape and size of your writing desk, it’s also important to decide on the kinds of features that you want to have. For instance, do you want the desk to be simple or would you like it to have drawers or cubbies?


It is pivotal to check the height of your writing desk. Ideally, a writing desk should be between 26 to 30 inches in height for a comfortable seating position. As the height of writing desks is usually not adjustable, you can always opt for a chair with an adjustable mechanism.


Most writing desks are functional as well as elegant. They generally resemble a table and have a smooth, generous work surface to spread your papers or laptops. Depending on its style and the manufacturer, some tables might not come with drawers, or organisers. One thing that most writing desks have in common is the material. Typically made of wood, a writing desk has an uncluttered look and an old-fashioned appeal. When combined, these features are the ones that make writing desks an ideal accent piece for a living room or home office.

Most writing desks are made from materials like engineered wood, laminates, wood veneers, and hardwood. Our range of writing desks is made from a combination of wood materials, with one of them being walnut wood. This is a popular exotic hardwood valued for its strength, durability, and vibrant brown tones. Furthermore, the adaptability of walnut wood makes it ideal for formal office furniture and mid-century contemporary designs. Check out our BAYQUEST Writing Desk below for a desk that has a contemporary finish and functional features.

BAYQUEST Writing Desk

BAYSIDE Writing Desk

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