How to Make a Statement Using Accent Furniture

With the passage of time, furniture has evolved from merely functional pieces to emblems of beauty and style such as luxury furniture. Beyond transforming your house into a home, furniture gives your home character, appeal and a certain charm that complements your unique personality. The rise of different home interior designs are highly prominent today, rendering furniture to be especially useful in accentuating your desired style. The aesthetic value that furniture brings has paved the way for the emergence of accent furniture. 

This begets the question, what is accent furniture? To answer this, think about your own home. Is there any furniture that stands out against the area’s décor or style? If so, that furniture can be considered an accent furniture. Often maximised for decorative purposes, accent furniture enlivens any space with a splash of vibrancy, definition and dramatic flair. It gives you the opportunity to flaunt and showcase your creativity to friends and family. In this article we share with you how to make a statement in your home using accent furniture. 

Begin at the Entryway

As the starting point, the entryway sets the tone for the entire ambience of your home. Guests gain insight into your individuality and personal style, be it a taste in modern or luxury furniture from the moment they step foot into your entryway. This makes it the ideal spot to incorporate accent furniture and boast your artistic capabilities. A pop of colour at the forefront of your home may be just what you need to reinvigorate that space. 

Though accent furniture is often appreciated for their looks, the importance of functionality comes into play especially when it comes to newer HDBs in Singapore. With space constraints, accent furniture should pack a whole lot of function to best maximise that limited space. In this case, consider a side table as accent furniture for your entryway. Side tables can function to hold grab-and-go items including your keys and bags for greater convenience. On the other hand, for houses with open space concepts, integrating larger pieces of accent furniture including a sideboard for practical storage space is the way to go.

Smart Choices with Small Pieces

Cheviot Coffee Table

One of the easiest ways to include accent furniture into your home is through the incorporation of small tables and chairs. Accent tables are the perfect way to balance out the overall look of a room and complement your furnishings. Small tables such as side tables and coffee tables fall within this home décor category and play an important role in circulation and flow of space. Furniture placement creates a division of areas within your home, better defining and ensuring flow of space. As small accent tables can be moved around effortlessly, it becomes easy for you to shift the positioning and dictate how you and others will move around the space according to your preference.

Moreover, placement of your accent table can also determine the function it plays. For example, placing an accent table next to a sofa will result in it functioning as an end table for easy reach of items. Alternatively, positioning an accent table in between your modular sofa and TV console will result in it serving as a coffee table. Often, small tables that are painted with dynamic designs or incorporate interesting treatments are used as accent furniture. Alternatively, due to their exquisite beauty, marble coffee tables are a popular choice as well.

Accent Chairs with Flair

Living Room Accent Furniture Singapore

When it comes to owning an accent chair for your home, the best accent chairs possess a strong profile, quality upholstery and a style that captivates and compels you. It matters not even if your chair is of a different design or aesthetic from other pieces of furniture in the room. This will create greater contrast and drive more attention to your accent piece, which is exactly what you want. For instance, try pairing our vintage Cheshire sofa with a contemporary lounge chair. Mixing vintage and modern décor styles are a sought-after design that continues to grow in popularity. Below are some tips you can leverage to pair accent chairs with your standard or L- shaped sofa.

  1. Upholstery – Choose an accent chair with a different upholstery as your sofa.
  2. Seat height – Create visual conformity by choosing an accent chair that is within four inches of the seat height of your sofa. 
  3. Furniture scale – Choose an accent chair that is similar in scale and proportion to the rest of your furniture in the space.      

Large Imposing Pieces

An accent furniture could just as well be large and imposing, turning heads and attracting attention to it instantaneously. If your space is already busy with dynamic, zealous pieces, then it would be best to go with something less colourful and intricate. Remember, accent furniture is all about a piece setting itself apart from others rather than being vibrant. Therefore, even a muted sideboard as an accent piece is differentiated among loud and flamboyant furniture. However, if the area is muted with earthy, neutral tones then you have free reign to opt for an accent piece that is tall or elaborately-designed. 

Whether you’re looking for style or functionality, there are many ways to go about bringing an accent piece into your home. Ultimately, you should always find something that delights you and gives your home that extra oomph that will fascinate and allure your guests.

As the epitome of luxury, Black and Walnut offers unparalleled craftsmanship, quality materials and eccentricity when it comes to your accent furniture. Contact us today!


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