Why Every Home Needs a Sideboard

In comparison to other pieces of main furniture including your sofas or beds, the sideboard is often considered as an afterthought, with little attention paid to it. Many are unaware of the importance of this furniture’s presence in a home and the abundance of benefits it delivers. 

Traditionally, sideboards are made of wood and placed in the dining room. With a set of cabinets and drawers, allowing for different compartments, it is the perfect storage space for homeowners to keep their serving dishes and silverware. Most sideboards also have a top surface to showcase decorative items and even serve food on. 

Though sideboards were often associated with beautiful Victorian style furniture with the sole purpose of displaying exquisite kitchen sets, it has evolved in its form and function over the passage of time to suit the modern home and its needs. 

The Evolution of Sideboards: A Brief History 

Created as an alternative to side tables, the first sideboard was just a simple shelf placed against a wall, near a dining table. It was used to serve food during meals and store plates. 

Since then, sideboard designs have been modified to accommodate cutlery, plates, and table accessories in the form of open shelving. By the 18th century, the sideboard had retreated into the kitchen, where it became a more practical item, sometimes known as a Welsh dresser. This contained both open shelving and enclosed cupboards below, effectively becoming the ancestor of today’s kitchen cabinetry. Items deemed worthy of display in living rooms and parlours found a home in these display cabinets. Eventually, they acquired the open shelving style and thus, the sideboard was born. 

Today, sideboards can be found not only in dining rooms but in different parts of the house including bedrooms, living rooms and study rooms due to their amazing storage system utilities. 

Why Should You Invest in a Sideboard

Sideboards have come a long way and transformed into one of the most useful pieces of furniture in a home. The wide range of styles and versatile functionality of these items make them an ideal addition to any room of the house.


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The very presence of a sideboard in your home adds a touch of elegance and style to the room. With a variety of sizes, colours and materials, finding the perfect sideboard to match your home design is an effortless process. For example, a beautiful, medium-dark coloured walnut sideboard will accentuate the rusticity style, while a sideboard of a lighter shade makes for the perfect addition for homeowners who desire a more modern and contemporary aesthetic. Moreover, hutches can be added for extra space and enhance a vintage aura. Consider putting decorative items on the top surface of your sideboard as well to complete the overall look and feel of your home. 

More Storage Space

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For homeowners who own many items and are consistently looking for more storage space, the sideboard is the perfect solution. A sideboard in the dining room will provide you with an excellent way to organise ​​dish sets, cutlery, and other dining ware. Should you require even more space, purchase a sideboard with multiple drawers and cabinets that reach the ground. These cabinets will give you the extra storage space you need in a convenient location. As mentioned above, hutches may be added as well if even more space is desired. 

Greater Durability and Flexibility

Quality sideboards are highly sought-after for their durability and versatility. Those made from sturdy materials such as wood will last for years, making them a worthy investment. The choice of wood colour can affect the quality and durability of your sideboard too. For instance, a darker wood colour offers more robust durability as they need not be cleaned as often. Households with busy schedules or children and pets would do well in owning a dark wood sideboard with its low maintenance efforts. Sideboards also empower greater flexibility in rearrangement as their versatile design allows them to seamlessly transition into nearly any room and complement different kinds of décor.  

With the myriad of benefits sideboards bring, there is no denying that it is a worthwhile investment that continues to rise in popularity among homeowners. A furniture that offers both aesthetics and functionality; made from quality wood to ensure a long-lasting product lifecycle, it has become an essential piece of furniture that homes cannot do without.   

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