Custom-made Bed Frames – Are they Worth it?

Typically, when we think of beds, we think about the mattress, the pillows, and everything associated with comfort and rest. Seldom does the bed frame come to mind. Though we might tend to overlook it, the bed frame is one the most important elements that make up the entire bed structure. Bed frames are the type of support your mattress rests upon. The headboard, footboard legs, side rails and bed base are all the different components that make up a bed frame

The Importance of a Good Bed Frame 

A mattress is only as good as its foundation. Sleep can be disrupted by squeaking, creaking, slipping, and more without a quality bed frame. An incorrectly sized bed frame may cause your mattress to shift and slide as you move around in bed. Therefore, it is crucial that bed frames are able to support mattresses' weights.

Today, as more mattresses use heavier materials and more layers to offer the ultimate comfort, sturdy bed frames are required. A weak bed frame may cause the mattress to sag, which results in premature replacement. In choosing a quality bed frame, you reduce the risk of needing to replace it frequently, which helps you save money. To gain that long-lasting support and durability, look for bed frames made with high quality materials. One of the more popular bed frame materials that provide unparalleled robustness and endurance are those made from wood.

Why Opt for a Wooden Bed Frame

The natural appeal of wood bed frames makes them an excellent choice for almost any bedroom. Given the plethora of designs and different shades of brown, there are countless bed frame styles you can choose from to suit your unique preference. In particular, walnut wood, which is dense and strong, would serve as a good bed frame choice. Often, wooden bed frames include wooden slats laid across the middle to support the mattress and encourage airflow. Let’s take a quick look at why wooden bed frames are the ideal.

Greater Durability

A solid wooden bed frame makes for a long-term investment that can last a lifetime and even for generations with proper care. In addition, wooden bed frames are less likely to squeak and creak compared to metal bed frames

Versatility in Design

Unlike other materials, wood can be stained and re-stained several times to match any shade. With a wooden bed frame, the rest of your bedroom can be adapted to match your bed as your tastes change. A wooden bed frame also offers a unique pattern of wood grain to enhance originality that is often desired by homeowners.

Easy Maintenance

In contrast to upholstered beds, wood beds tend to be easier to clean and maintain. Keeping your bed clean will be as simple as wiping it with a dusting cloth every so often. This makes it ideal for families with pets and children. 

Ready-made Bed Frames VS Custom-made Bed Frames 

Now, with a better understanding of the importance of a durable material for your bed frame, the question comes whether you should go for a ready-made bed frame or a custom-made one. For one, custom-made bed frames are able to complement your furniture well as you get to choose the exact design, style and colour according to your current room aesthetics. It also allows you to unleash your creativity and imagination, creating a product that is unique to you and your personality. Moreover, custom-made bed frames can be crafted into non-traditional shapes, without predetermined dimensions to better maximise your room space.

However, with that being said, the freedom of style translates to a heftier price tag. Considering that many ready-made bed frames also come in an abundance of designs, it might not be worth it to spend that extra money specially curating one. Secondly, custom-made bed frames are time consuming. Think about it, you would have to develop a design and wait for it to be crafted, which could take 6 to 14 weeks! For instance, Black and Walnut has a variety of quality, ready-made bed frames that come in many different styles for you to choose from. Our BEXHILL Queen Sized Bed Frame is perfect accentuating rustiness while our ODESSIA King Sized Bed Frame would be worthy of the modern, contemporary aesthetic lover.

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Last but not least, custom orders are a risky investment. You will not know what your custom-bed physically looks like until it has been created. Should you be unsatisfied with the final product, you would have to spend even more money and time to get a new one. Furthermore, custom-made bed frames are mostly fixtures; hence, the inflexibility of shifting your bed or altering your room configuration remains thereafter. With ready-made bed frames on the other hand, you get to feel, inspect and physically assess how well it would suit your bedroom, making it a safer and more reliable investment. 


Ultimately, quality, ready-made bed frames due to their range of styles, designs and sizes, offer the same benefits of custom-made bed frames, without the disadvantages. Being creative, complementing your room aesthetics and maximising space are all made effortless and possible with ready-made bed frames

As the curated online destination to shop luxury furniture, Black and Walnut delivers the best bed frames of the finest quality. Contact us today for more information!  


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