Tiny Bedroom Survival Guide – Space Saving and Décor Tips 101

The bedroom. It is perhaps the most intimate space in your home, a sanctuary of cosiness, warmth and security. Your bedroom should be a comfortable and calming place to rest your body after a long day of work. While bedroom sizes are getting smaller in Singapore, it does not mean that homeowners need to compromise comfort for functionality. However, designing a small bedroom may be overwhelming and frustrating for many. There is the common misconception that the best designs are only made possible when much space is made available. This is far from the truth. Limited spaces can still make for wonderful designs when you know how to maximise the space properly. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can best leverage the space in a small bedroom, while keeping it elegant. 

Install Shelves on your Bedroom Wall

Shelves on Bedroom Wall

Most of the time, the least used space in your bedroom is often overlooked. But, did you know that they can be ideal when it comes to implementing creative bedroom storage ideas? Take the walls of your bedroom for instance. Walls are often used for hanging décor and accessories including portraits, paintings, mirrors and clocks. Nevertheless, with the simple installation of shelves, they can hold so much more. From books and photo frames to potted plants and even collectibles for display, no doubt, shelves are a great and easy way to maximise space. Ultimately, this also means more floor area for other pieces of furniture such as a bedside table. 

Beds with Extra Storage Space

When people think about the functionality of beds, resting and sleeping usually comes to mind. Though this remains the primary function of beds, they can also function as a storage space for your items! Certain bed frames come with storage underneath, allowing you to store your personal belongings within. You can even use these bed storage spaces to keep clothes, which potentially eliminates the need to have a wardrobe or cupboard at all! By leveraging one furniture for multiple functions, you can unleash your design creativity with more room to play around with décor and other furniture.

Tables with Extra Storage Space      

With regards to a small bedroom, having one furniture that doubles as a storage space is not enough. It is best to have multiple furniture having the same storage space function. If you are considering purchasing a bedside table or a dressing table, it would be ideal to ensure that these pieces of furniture possess storage space as well. Some bedside tables come with drawers, enabling you to store your knick knacks and trinkets. Black & Walnut’s BEXHILL Nightstand is one such example. It comes with multiple drawers for you to store your belongings. For vanity tables, our BEDARRA Vanity Set comes with a drawer, perfect for stowing your makeup products. Tables with extra storage space such as these are essential in every small bedroom.

Tables with Extra Storage Space

Sprucing up your Bedroom Aesthetics

With a better understanding of how to maximise your bedroom space, now comes the fun part of creating the look and aesthetics of your bedroom. One tip would be to incorporate accent furniture. Accent furniture stands out against the rest of your space’s style and adds character to an otherwise plain and mundane area. Accent chairs are a great way to accentuate personality and vibrancy in your room. It is a smaller piece of furniture compared to your bed or dresser and hence, will not overwhelm your bedroom aesthetics. 

Secondly, consider having lounge chairs. Since your bedroom is the epitome of comfort, lounge chairs would fit in perfectly to enhance relaxation. Beyond providing comfort, Black & Walnut’s lounge chairs are sleek in design and will elevate any room aesthetics. With a range of styles to choose from, finding the perfect lounge chair to match and complement your bedroom design becomes effortless. Last but not least, to amp up the cosiness element, think about your bedroom’s lighting. Soft, yellow lighting is a popular choice in creating an intimate ambience and evoking a calm presence in the bedroom.

Lounge Chairs for Bedroom

Knowing how to use your space well is key when planning a small bedroom design. The main priority is to ensure that furniture including your dressing table or bedside table have multiple functions, especially for storage. Once the space is fully maximised, you can start focusing on the different styles and aesthetics easily. At the end of the day, having a small bedroom with style and function can most definitely be achieved. 

Feeling inspired for a small bedroom revamp? Shop at Black & Walnut! With quality furniture that integrates extra storage space and safe spacing capabilities, we make designing a confined area a breeze! Contact us today for more information.    


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